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It is time of Autumn-Equinox, the opposite of the beginning of spring. We go over the threshold from the light to the darker days of the year. Sommer ends and from now on days are getting shorter and the nights will be long and dark. With gratitude, we look to the fruits that we harvest in our life this year.

We also hold the fruits of our work in hand and are happy about so many positive feedback from you. Three awesome, touching and lovely Red Tents we could celebrate with wonderful women and the enthusiasm and request ist growing.
With great steps we approach 500 Likes at Facebook, our flyers come to courious womens hands, Workshops are in demand and the following year, some wonderful projects are waiting.

The Rising Women Tribe is like a gently flower for us, which we soewd carefully. From this seed we layed down deep into the womb of mother earth, a beautiful sprout grow up rapidly, which has its first leaves and buds.

We thank YOU for your interest, your attention, support, joyning our events, likinig and sharing of our postings, reading our newsletter and your comments, mails and messages. Your energy is the fertiliser making the Tribe growing and spending the smell of its blooms into the world to inspire and support women.

Our homepage has a new design

Some weeks ago we reworked our homepage completly and it has gone online in a new design. You have a better view over our workshops, impressions, testimonials and our blog now.
Some deays ago, Ravena writes an article about the birth of her dream to work with women.

At November, 25th, our One-day workshop „Sisters Tribe ~ feel the vibe“ takes place in Espelkamp.

Women, who feel connected as sisters, are able to move mountains…

So reach out your hand to the woman by your side and feel the magic, when you became sisters. The magic of connection, the magic of mutual support, the magic of loving acceptance.

Together we would discover ouselves in a new way, see our uniqueness and also feel what we all have in common. Every woman has her own talent; some of them you maybe know, other not. At this workshop we want to find out our talents, too. We want to make presents to each other and celebrate them.

This workshop is for you, if you:

*feel the power of sisterhood and connection with other women
*share somenthing with other women, connect yourself and leran from each other
*learn to love yourself
*come in contact with your inner wildness
*make the experience of transformation and self-empowering

Enter the journey with dancing, rituals, meditation and abandonment to yourself. Have the heart to life your wild feminity.

We draw to all participants, who apply until October, 10th a reduction of 50% of the fee.*

*this reduction is only for the participation at the workshop. Travel expences and costs for accommodation is not included.

Red Tents od the Rising Women Tribe

WELLNESS Red Tent – Special – 14. Oktober in Herten
Red Tent in Herten 18. November
Red Tent in Herten 9. Dezember

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